Introduction: CSCI-1200 Project 1: Morse Code

In this lab you will be using pushbuttons, a LCD screen and an LED to display Morse Code values for all letters in the alphabet.

Hardware you will need:

1. Arduino Uno

2. LCD screen

3. Pushbuttons

4. Potentiometer

5. LED

6. Breadboard


Libraries Needed:

1. LiquidCrystal

Step 1: Connect LCD Screen

Connect the LCD into the Breadboard. The LCD's pin will be connected to the Arduion in the following order:

  1. Ground
  2. Power
  3. Pin 11
  4. Pin 10
  5. Pin 9
  6. Pin 8
  7. Empty
  8. Empty
  9. Empty
  10. Empty
  11. Pin 7
  12. Ground
  13. Pin 6
  14. Potentiometer (Connected to Ground and Power)
  15. Power
  16. Ground

Step 2: Add a Pushbutton

Insert the first pushbutton into the breadboard. The pushbutton is connected using two jumper wires and a 10k Ω (ohm) resistor.

  1. Place one jumper wire on the bottom left side of the button and connect to the power rail.
  2. The second jumper wire will be connected to port 2 of the Arduino.
  3. The resistor will be connected on the bottom right side of the button and the ground rail.

Step 3: Add Three More Pushbuttons

Follow the same steps from Step 2 to add three more push buttons to the breadboard. These three buttons will be used to input different letters from the alphabet: button 1 inputs A-J; button 2 inputs I-R; and button 3 inputs S-Z. The fourth button will be used for an Enter button.

Step 4: Connect an LED

An LED of any color will be used to display the Morse Code value of the letters.

  1. Place the LED anywhere on the breadboard
  2. Connect a jumper wire from the ground rail to the bottom lead (-) of the LED
  3. Using a 220 Ω (ohm) resistor, connect the one end to the top lead (+) of the LED and the other end will be connected to Pin 12 of the Arduino.

Step 5: Morse Code

Morse Code is a form of transmitting information as a form of tones, lights, or clicks. An LED is used to accomplish this in this lab. Each letter of the alphabet is represented using either a short blink, called a dot, or a longer blink called a dash. The code for this lab sets a dot to be 300 milliseconds and a dash to be 900 milliseconds.

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Step 6: Code for Morse Code Display

Attached is the 1200_Project1_MorseCode.ino which contains all code needed to convert a letter selected by a push button to Morse Code shown on a LED; as well as, displaying the chosen letter on the LCD screen.