Let’s make some colorful

cup holders for your pens/pencil/markets and other small objects. This cups are perfect for saving space and having everything organize, this cups can also be used for bolts, washers and small electronic components, including an easy way to assemble and several inside cup holder compartments/separators.

To make this cup tower its simple and you only need some general tools


Before beginning we need to have this materials

Pla filament at least 500 grams (color choice of preference)

5/16 or 8mm Threaded rod 280 mm (rod comes in 1 meter long you can find it at your local hardware store)

M8 nut hex for threaded rod (3 pieces)

Super glue

Sandpaper (200 grit or lower)


Tools you need

Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) safety glasses, working gloves, ect.

Hand saw with blade for cutting steel

3d printer

Step 1: Let’s Download the Files for 3d Printing

You can choose from the six different inner separators depending of what you need. Print files are printed with gradual infill with cura if you using another software and don’t have this option then used 40% to 50 % filament infill

6 cups

6 inner holders

2 hand twist

1 base

Total of 15 parts (minimum 500 grams of pla resin).

Step 2: Let’s Cut Threaded Rod

Remember to have your PEE (Personal Proper Equipment)

Threaded rod comes in 1 meter long so we need to cut it to the right measure (some hardware stores will give you the service of cutting it for you if need too).

The measurements we need its 280 mm, if you going to used less cups for your cup tower project subtract 40 mm or add 40 mm if you want more than 6 cups.

After cutting the threaded rod with the measurement needed we have to sand the edges so the threaded nuts can go in without forcing it.

Step 3: Let’s Glue M8 Nuts to 3d Printed Parts

First remove infill

support of your 3d printed parts (Hand twist head and base cup holder)

Insert m8 nuts into 3d printed parts. You may need to apply some pressure with your hand so they go in or used tool of preference to apply pressure (you can used threaded rod to apply pressure).

After m8 nuts are in place we need to add super glue from 3d printed part to outer m8 nut.(let it sit for 10 minutes)

Step 4: Let’s Assemble

Let’s insert your

holders inside cups and insert threaded rod in cups.

Start your assembly tower, Remember to put base first.

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