Lets make a rocket gift card. This simple design will help kids and adults learn more of thinkercad tools and understand the basic of assembling.


You only need a 3d printer

Pla filament

Step 1: Lets Make the Frame of Card

Lets make the frame with the dimensions of 85x55 mm and 1.7 mm high. Inner frame dimensions its 82x52 mm. This is the size of a credit card and will fit perfect in a wallet.

Step 2: Lets Make the Parts of the Rocket

The dimensions are provided in the pictures and all parts are 1.7 mm thigh.

It's is important that inner and outer plug connectors fit went assemble.

The inner needs to be 1.5mm wide and 2 mm long. (Remember this are cuts)

The outer needs to be 1.8mm wide and 2 mm long. (Remember this are cuts)

The small legs on the rocket fuselage need to 1.8 mm wide and 2 mm long

Step 3: Lets Add All Assemble Parts Inside Frame

Let’s add your pieces inside the frame in a organize way. Make another frame in a separated sheet and add your other half of pieces. This will helps to print in two color (two stl files).

Step 4: Lets Add Part Holders

Let’s add holding support for parts and frame to make one piece. It is important to make them .50 mm high this will help you break them more easily went removing the parts form frame .

It’s also important to not mesh supports with parts. ( If mesh with parts it becomes on piece and its harder to applied changes)

Step 5: Lets Print

Download your creation in stl files.(included my files enjoy)

Print your cards (around 5 g each card with pla filament)

Have fun cutting and assembling with this cards, perfect for a gift to your friends and family.

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