how to customize your xbox 360's face plate!

what you need:
sharpies or spray paint or whatever you will paint it with
clear coat spray paint
an xbox faceplate
2 hands

Step 1: Planning

ok the first step is to think of somthing to paint on it.

you might want to trace a teplate of the face plate and sketch it out on paper

then take a pencil and draw out what ever you want to paint on, now is a good time to decide if you want to use sharpies or spray paint.

Step 2: Painting

now start painting or drawing on your design if you screw up use this stuff called goof off it can remove any thing! you can get it at your local hardware store.

i made this skull candy face plate by printing out and cutting out a pic of there logo and tracing around the eyes and edges.

Step 3: Finishing

now to be sure your design does not rub off spray the whole thing down with clear coat
you may have to put about 2-3 coats on

this face plates original color was silver so i used masking tape and taped over all the parts i didnt want to paint (such as in between the gears. and the power button.

then i spray painted it gold and outlined the gold in black sharpie.
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