Introduction: Cacao Nibs

Make Cacao Nibs, the super healthy chocolaty treat. You can add Cacao Nibs to any chocolate dessert, and get a richer flavor. Sprinkle Cacao NIbs on your pancakes, pastries, or mix them in your cupcakes or muffins. Cocoa Beans are a Super Food, full of antioxidants, magnesium the contain more then blueberries. To make your own Cacao nibs, start with whole Cacao or Cocoa Beans. You also need some type of grinder, use can use a regular coffee grinder, or the Bullet. Buy whole cocoa beans is a cheaper option then having to pay more for Choffy, or Crio Bru can cost more than $15 for for a 12 once bag.

Step 1: Cacao Nibs - Grind

Put your Cocoa Beans in the grinder, don't put to many in, it may bog down the motor. Make sure your adjust your settings, and know how to properly use your equipment.

Step 2: Cacao Nibs

Grind your cacao nibs to the size you want, make sure you check the settings before you grind (if you have any).

Step 3: Cacao Nibs

Now add your fresh ground cacao nibs to your favorite desserts. Chocolate cakes, ice cream, drinks or anything other chocolaty desserts. Find Cocoa Beans for sale, Learn more about Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Butter.