Introduction: Cake Pop Cake

The cake’s I make don’t hold together very well in layers. Usually when i apply the frosting it gets very crumbly.My goal is that hopefully by the end of the project I can have it to hold and and smooth. Also be a success instead of failing. This is designed for the class, and my family and anyone who's having trouble too. I’ve seen a bunch of giant cake pop cakes but i haven’t seen one yet where it’s an actual cake and cake pops on top, I want to make it successful and making it work so that others that struggle with the same thing as me can use my method to help them.


Three boxes of cake mix/ or you can make your own, cake pop sticks, six bottles of frosting(doesn't matter what kind) 5 White/ and one chocolate, pans/icing knife/ wax paper or baking spray. bowl eggs,water,oil. Chocolate chips(Any kind of chocolate that's able to melt.

Step 1: First Step, Make the Cake.

For this cake, I used three boxes of cake mix. I Made three layers. I followed each step that it told me to do on the back of the cake. In the picture the cake is cut, then put it to the side. The reason for that is because once I took it out of the oven I cut the top layer of the cake to make it a flat surface. So that way it can leave me too the cake staying still and not falling. I wanted it to be soft so it's easier to cut and so the inside can sit out a bit before I place the icing on top. I can use the extra cake that I cut off for the cake pops.Then I let the cake sit for about a half an hour. The only thing I would suggest not doing is cutting it right away once the cake is out of the oven. It lead me to having crumbs and if I let it sit out for like two hours maybe more, maybe over night it would of been more stable and easier for me to spread the icing on the cake. So I prefer not rushing it.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Cake Pops

I made the cake pops by, using the extra piece of the cakes that I cut off so it doesn't go to waste. This was a very simple step. I put them into a medium sized bowl. Then I grabbed the chocolate frosting and put the whole bottle in there and mixed it. There was a problem though. It was too moist and sticky texture. I had extra layer of cake on the side. So I cut it on the top again and took those and put it into my mixture so it comes a bit less gooey. This did help solve my problem. I grabbed a pan after that and put wax paper on top of it. Then split the mixture into small pieces not too small but medium sized. Then I rolled them into balls and put the sticks on them. There was another problem, the sticks wouldn't hold so I took some of the frosting from the container the extra axis and put it on top of the sticks and placed them into the cake pops. Then put them on the pan and popped them into the refrigerator, For about 2 hours. That's it for this step.

Step 3: Step 3: Coating the Cake Pops

For this part, I took the chocolate pieces (Any kind) then microwaved it for about one minute. I took the cake pops out of the fridge and held them by the sticks and twisted them into the melted chocolate. Then placed them on the pan. This did leave a problem because when it dried the top of the cake was a flat surface. I needed it to be round so it can go on the top of the cake. So I tried a different method and after I coated it I held it in my hand. You can have a piece of foam to hold your cake pops but i didn't have any at the time. This helped me get its circle form as shown in the picture. The chocolate you use may depend on the time it need to dry, for example I used a kind that hardens really fast some one the melted chocolate need to be placed into the fridge so it hardens better.

Step 4: Step 4: Putting the Cakes Together.

As you can see in the picture, when I was layering the cakes on top of each other it went pretty well. But when it came to the icing it got crumbly and wouldn't spread right. Luckily I found a solution for that. I used an icing knife and more icing on the cake to make it nice and even. It this method worked for me and made it easier to complete the cake. as you can see in the second picture that's when i used an icing knife and the first picture is when I used a spoon. The layers did end up holding together but just in case it falls when i put the cake pops in I put a plastic straw inside it.

Step 5: Final Project Review

In the beginning and the process of making the cake, I thought it was going to fail and not come together by the end of the project. But when I started to come up with solutions to fix the problem it ended up looking better than it did before. The layers did end up staying put and together when I used a plastic straw. The technique for the frosting also worked. I wouldn’t call it a failure, yes it can be better but for me and my first attempt in trying to make a good layered cake it was a success for me. It looks better than I imagined of how it was going to look like. When I would have a problem it wasn't hard to fix.