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Hi everyone! In this Instructable post I will be sharing with you how I made these Cake Tiramisu in mason jars. These cake Tiramisu taste so rich and delicious, I swear if this was a gift for someone else, you be tempted to keep all of them to yourself (...shh no one would ever know, your secret is safe with me ;) )

Unlike the traditional Tiramisu where it uses lady finger biscuits, we are going to use my classic vanilla cake sponge. I am sharing you my secret guys, this cake recipe is to-die for. If you LOVE yellow box cake for it's incredibly soft and airy texture, this, my friends, is the HOMEMADE version. It TASTE & FEEL just the same!Some would argue then why not just use a box cake? Because my beautiful people, YOU, yes every single one of you, is capable of baking a bakery worthy sponge. I believe in you.

So let's get to it!

Step 1:

This recipe will yield about 7-8, 8oz mason jars.

or 16, 4 oz mini mason jars.

Step 2: Ingredients for the Vanilla Sponge Cake (my Recipe)

This a is a great recipe for those of you (like me) who prefers a dump-and-go recipe. No mise en place, no creaming, no finicking about accidentally over-mixing your batter. It always come out fluffy no matter what! This recipe is divided into 3 parts, the dry, the wet and the egg white meringue.

Part A) Ingredients for the DRY:

1 and 2/3 cups of all purpose flour

1 and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

1/4 teaspoon of fine salt.

Part B) Ingredients for the wet:

1 cup of WHOLE milk

1 cup of vegetable oil

2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tablespoon of full-fat sour cream

1 cup of white granulated sugar (reserved 2 tablespoons for part C)

3 egg yolks

Part C: Ingredients for the egg white meringue:

3 egg whites

2 tablespoons of white granulated sugar (from part b)


FIRST, Preheat your oven to 350 Fahrenheit.

Like the picture shown as an example, dump the ingredients in their own respective bowls. You should have one bowl for the dry ingredients, one bowl for the wet ingredients and one bowl for the egg whites.

Step 3: Whisk Your Egg White Meringue

First, using a handheld mixer or a whisk, start whisking your egg whites at medium speed. Gradually sprinkle in your 2 tablespoons of white granulated sugar until finished. Whisk your egg whites on high until it reach a firm peak consistency.

Set aside.

Step 4: Moving on the Wet Ingredients

Using the same whisk, whisk your wet ingredients together until it is homogeneous. At first, it will look like your oil refuse to mix in together, just whisk continuously until it is one smooth mixture.

Step 5: Add Part a (dry) to Part B (wet)

Next, dump your dry ingredients (part A) into your wet ingredients (part B). Mix until batter is smooth and lump-free.

After that, fold in your meringue into your batter a third at a time. The first fold can be folded more vigorously just to ensure the batter lightens up. But for the 2nd and 3rd fold, fold in gently. It's ready when it is free of meringue lumps. Do not overmix this part of you might deflate the batter.

Step 6: Pour and Bake

Using a baking sheet pan (18" by 13"), lined with parchment paper, pour or scoop all of your batter in.

Bake at 350 F for 25 minutes FLAT. (Test your cake with a pick to ensure it's bake thoroughly)

Step 7:

Does this look and smell like a box cake or what?! You will see it's cross section in a few. This cake is so soft, fluffy and MOIST. And will remain moist even after the next day!

Step 8: Ingredients for the Sabayon

Part A) Ingredients for the sweet yolk:

5 egg yolks

3/4 of white granulated sugar

Part B) Ingredients for the whipped cream:

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup of white granulated sugar

Part C: Mascarpone cheese

1 cup (one small tub) of Mascarpone cheese

Step 9: Cook Your Sweet Yolk (double Boil)

Place your egg yolks and sugar in a heat proof bowl.

Heat a sauce pot with an inch of water until it comes to a boil.

Place your bowl on top of the steamy sauce pot and start whisking your yolks and sugar together by hand. The mixture will be gritty and grainy at first. Whisk continuously until yolks are pale and smooth with no signs of sugar granules.

Remove from heat. Cover with a saran wrap touching the surface of the custard to prevent skinning. Set aside.

Step 10: Whip Your Cream

Using a hand held mixer or a clean hand whisk, start whisking your cream and gradually add the sugar. Whisk until it reaches a firm peak consistency.

Set aside.

Step 11: Loosen the Mascarpone

Using the same whisk from your whipped cream, whisk the mascarpone cheese in a different bowl. Mascarpone is soft and smooth in the first place but whisking it will help to loosen it up from being in a cold tub for so long.

Next, scoop a dallop of whipped cream into your whipped mascarpone. Repeat twice. This will help to loosen up the mascarpone even more.

Step 12: Finish Your Sabayon

Then dump the whole mascarpone cheese back into your bowl of whipped cream. Next, dump in your sweet custard mixture. Whisk in together for just a few seconds! ( don't overchurn or it will curdle and separate)

Pour 2 tablespoons of Sweet Marsala wine. If you don't have this in your liquor cabinet or would like this to be alcohol free, skip this step, it will taste delicious nevertheless! )

Mix for just a few seconds and we are ready for layering!

You can also reserved this for later, just cover the bowl with saran wrap and refrigerate.

Step 13: Brew Your Espresso

Boil 1 cup of water until it reaches a rolling boil. Then scoop in 1 and a half tablespoon of espresso powder. Let it steep in the hot water for ten minutes.

Alternatively you can brew your own espresso in a Keurig or get a shot from your local neighborhood coffee shop if you love the fancy stuff ;)

Step 14: Get Yo Stuff Ready!

1)I would highly recommend you using a wide mouth mason jar or a wide-mouth clamp mason jar. These clamp ones are my absolutely favorite! Because they are made of thick glass, have rubber lips and very tight clamps ( and yet they are easier to open than the ring lids)

2)Some rings cutters would also be great to have to create neat circular cake cuts. If you don't have any, a mug should do the trick too.

3) Dutch processed cocoa powder and a strainer OR a chocolate bar with a fine micro grater. Which ever you prefer! I prefer my dutch-processed cocoa powder more because the taste is slightly more bitter and the color is just dark and gorgeous!

Step 15: Prep Your Pretty Sponges

1) Remove your cake from it's parchment paper by flipping it over, and flipping it back again.

2) Using your ring cutters the same diameter as your mason jar's mouth, cut little circles.

*Do not discard any leftover cake pieces and scraps! You can make many more jars or mini ramekin Tiramisu. Nobody can tell if they are cut perfectly or not once the cream is layered into.

3) Place a dallop of Sabayon on the bases of your jars.

Step 16: Layer It Down

1) Grab a piece of cake circle and dip them JUST HALFWAY down your espresso. You do not want to dip them like lady finger biscuits or they get too wet and just turn to a mushy mess.

2) Place them in your jar over your Sabayon.

3) Repeat the next layer or until you almost reach the top of your jar.

4) Place the last layer of Sabayon on top. Then generously sprinkle and dust your cocoa powder OR grated chocolate over the top.

Step 17: Clean and Refrigerate

Wipe down the rim and sides of the jars from any excess cocoa powder, grated chocolate or messy sabayon.

REFRIGERATE for at least 6 hours before serving, preferably 24 hours or overnight. They are best eaten the day after when the Sabayon is slightly firmer and set to a beautiful scoopable consistency.

Step 18:

And done! You are ready to give these away. Because these Tiramisus required to be chilled constantly because of their dairy content, it's best to put them in a cooler with a coolant pack or ice if your are transporting them in a vehicle to an event.

Likewise if you are going to display these on the dessert table, i highly encourage you to put them over a bed of ice inside a pretty metal tub. Hope you and everyone enjoy these! Till next time.

Step 19:

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