Introduction: Mikethreed: Calculator Video Game (Dungeons)

Grab a calculator


You will need a TI-30XIIS or Similar

Step 1: Make a Monster

Type in a . Then any number (Lower than 500 easy, 500-1000 medium, 1000+ hard)

Now add (-) to the end

This will be your first monster

Step 2: Add More

Next, write -------------

Repeat Step 1 and 2 as many times as you like. The more times you repeat the harder it gets!

Step 3: Play!

Now use the arrow keys to scroll left

When you reach a Monster (Number)

In the parenthesis put a multiplication equation that equals the number (It can't be a 1×__ equation)


Before Finish: 602(-)

After Finish: 602(43×14)

You Just Killed a monster!

Continue killing monsters!

Step 4: Video

If you do not understand this guide watch the video.