Introduction: Calibrate Fridge / Freezer Thermostat

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If your fridge or freezer is running all the time, or is running to little making temperature to high, theres may be a easy fix to that.

It involves getting access to the thermostat and one calibration screew. See next step.

Step 1: Locating Range Screw

Be aware of high voltage! Remove power before touching thermostat.

Range screw is used to adjust on and off switch range. This screw moves switch range up or down.
Locating this screw is another story, as all vendor has its own type of thermostat.

But understanding technology behind capillary thermostat helps us locate it.
We are looking for a screw acting against capillary tube pressure.
The screw has in every thermostat design a strong spring on it.
The spring makes this screw a litle heavier to turn than other adjustement screws on thermostat.

More spring tension / clockwise adjustment = move swith range up in temperature.
Less spring tension / counter clockwise adjustement = move switch range lower in temperature.

Step 2: Example

I located my Range screew by looking inside for the spring, and this was the heavyest to turn also.
In my case it is the right screew in picture.

My fridge compressor was working between 9-12 degree celcius.
To fix that I turned the right screw 4 turns counter clock wise.
Then range became 4-7 degree celcius.
Turned screw 2 more turns counter clockwise and range became 1-4 degree celcius.

Tip: If your compressor is not starting, keep track of Range screw turns, and screew counter clock wise until you hear thermostat click/laching contact.

Tip: If your thermostat contact is latched, and compressor still dont run, then you may have other problems.