Introduction: Call of Duty Perks Starter

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As you can see this is only a starter and needs more working on

Step 1:

As you can see this is only a starter not the full version (I will post it all later when I get all the parts I need)

Step 2: Bottles

This will be easy for all the guys and girls over 21 ;) You will need 4 bottles of Bud Light Lime (I only have three cause my mom rarely drinks alcohol) and goo gone. Apply goo gone to a rag and get all the sticky left over off once you take off the after you get the BL lime

Step 3: Colors

You are going to need food coloring, I just happened to have some in my pantry

Step 4: How Many Drops

Quick Revive: 3-4 blue
Speed Cola: 2 green
Juggernog: 3-5 red ( depends on how dark you want it)

Step 5: Bottle Caps

I don't really have any bottle caps but I found one on a liquor bottle that is red, but i dont have any more, but if you have 4 of twistable caps yor should paint them

Step 6:

As I told you this isn't the whole thing and ill post it all when I get the rest of the parts :)