Introduction: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Cosplay Rift E9

Today I am going to be showing you guys how to build the really cool black market weapon from Call of Duty Black Ops 3 called the Rift E9. It shoots a ball of blue fire or a laser or something and it is REALLY cool.

You can use this for cosplay, playing with your friends in the park, or movie if you really wanted to.

It is really simple and easy to make and it is just a cool prop to have.

Now I am putting this in after the original Instructable was posted, and I looked at the picture of the the actual gun, and I realized that I got it a little wrong. The 2 prongs come out, but the top part is also extended, so I am actually going to call this the Rift E7. Sorry 'bout that guys, if you want to change it, feel free to do so. Comment down below if you want me to do an Instructable on it.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this Instructable you are going to need,

-A nerf gun or something similar to mine

-2 Sturdy Cardboard tubes

-Hot Glue gun or Art Glue

-(optional) Spray Paint of your choice (whatever color you want the gun to be)

-(optional) Painter's tape

Step 2: Mark Line and Glue

You now want to mark a 3 cm line on you tubes(your might to do a little longer or shorter if your nerf gun isn't the same) but if is the same gun i recommend 3cm.

Also mark a 3 cm line on the the gun(again use judgment for your gun size, the line should be equal to the one on the gun)

This is where you are going to put the glue for your tubes. I recommend putting glue on the gun and then sticking the tubes on.

Step 3: Spray Paint (optional)

Now if You want you can spray paint your gun to make it look a little cooler. If not, then you are done!!!

Step 4: Finished!!!

Now you are finished!!! Have fun playing with your new Rift E9 prop from Call of Duty Black Ops 3!

Step 5: (optional) Red Dot Sight

I made this red dot sight a while back just 'cause it looked cool, and since I've got nothing better to do with it, I glued it on to my prop.

If you want to make it, all you really need is a key ring, some see through plastic and a sharpie(preferably red, but you can do any color) You then want to slide the plastic in between the key ring. Now cut off any excess around the edges, add a red dot or any reticle. I recommend glueing it to a base made of cardboard or something similar, Then glue it to your prop! Now you are completely finished!