Introduction: Fake Whiskey

Time to Prank My Dad With Some Fake Whiskey!

Step 1: Supplies

Okay, so I want to prank my dad and make him think i'm drinking whiskey. Maybe you want to make a movie or whatever. This is how to make fake whiskey.

So you will need:

1. A bottle for it. Most whiskey bottles are tall and have a small opening at the top

2. Black tea. I recommend English Breakfast, but any tea will do.

3. (optional) A measuring cup. Since my bottle is tall I will explain later.

4. (optional) A funnel. Same reason as measuring cup. I will explain later.

Step 2: Make It

So now I will explain why you need measuring cup and funnel.

You want to fill you bottle with water however full you want it.

You want to put the tea in but my bottle is too tall. So fill your bottle up how you want and then pour it into the measuring cup. Put the tea bag in the measuring cup and wait for it to take colour. Then put the funnel in the bottle and pour the tea back into the bottle.

And now you're done! Have fun with your movie or pranking you parents!

P.S. It doesn't look like it in the photo but it looks totally realistic!