Introduction: Call of Duty Reticles Elo Sight, Multicolor !

Today we go for something game-related, switchable/swapable/exchangeable reticles

for a selfmade "Elo" sight from Call of Duty Black Ops ( III )

Step 1: The Card-holder

This is what I have used, the mainpart so to speak...made to hold ID-cards and protect your ATM card.

We will use it as a holder for our various displays, so let's go!

Step 2: Tools and Material


- Dremel tool + 2mm drill-bit

- Soldering iron + solder

- Sharp knife

- Screwdriver


- old CD-case

- Superglue

- Hot-glue

- Small metal screws (2)

- Black spray paint

- Wire (1mm, low gauge)

- Jig-saw / metal-saw

- 2 orange and 2 blue 5mm LEDs

- Button cell 2032 incl holder

- 2 slide-switches

Step 3: The Steps

1. Prepare the card holder as shown

2. Fabricate a baseplate as wide as your card-holder, 50% longer than the width of your card-holder.

3. Cut out several pieces of L-section of the CD-case.

4. Place them next to your picatinny rail as shown in the video, then glue on the baseplate.

5. Glue the card-holder to the front of the baseplate. Glue on 2 small L-sections which will later hold

the top cover.

6. Cut out longer L-sections of your CD-case. Length = open space on the side of your sight. Cut out

windows for the switches as shown in the video...drill holes (2mm) to attach the switches (later).

7. Fabricate a small (around 15mm / 3/5") U-section, using 2 pieces of L-section, glued together and

place it in the middle of the baseplate. Leave enough room in the rear for the cell-holder and clearance

to the side for your switches!

8. Fabricate a top-cover, using the bottom-part of the CD-case. Mark the are where it meets the L sections

and/or U-section and drill holes for the metal screws, which will hold it in place.

9. Fabricate a panel with a cut-out for the rear of your sight, leaving enough space to slide in the cell-holder.

10. The extension I have made was not really needed in the end, so dont pay attention to that....unless your

LEDs don't fit (depends on the card holder).

11. Spraypaint it black, 2-3 layers, not too thick, or you will see drops running down the sides.

12. Squeeze in wires, switches and LEDs as shown in the video. The video will show exactly how to do that.
The LEDs have to sit centered, shining straight upwards!

13. Cut pieces of clear plastic (you can use the CD cover IF it is free of scratches!), fitting your card-holder.

Mark the center and draw your emblems on the other side, then use a sharp knife or the dremel to scratch

the surface and "etch your emblems into the plastic". Start simple and increase difficulty with each display

you make :)

Step 4: Instructional Video

If you have questions, post a comment below!

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