Introduction: CalvinTag

This game was inspired by Calvinball, from the comic "Calvin and Hobbes".

And yes, we're crawling around in the mud on our hands and knees. It was the first rule called.



A bunch of people and any equipment you think will work.


There is one simple rule. (1) A rule may not be used more than once per game.


One person is it. They attempt to tag another person. When a person is tagged, the person who was just it yells out a new rule everyone must follow (even the new tagger) unless the rule is very specific (eg: all people with beards have to run backwards and the new tagger doesn't have a beard). Once the new rule is invoked all old rules become null and void.

When the game begins, there are no rules until the first person is tagged. If a rule such as "Two people must join hands and run sideways" is called, then the new tagger must join a group and is the only person in that group that can tag anyone in any of the other groups. It doesn't matter if it violates the new rule, the new tagger must be part of a group. Of course this doesn't apply if no group rules are called.

All rules must involve movement of some sort. Yelling "Everyone stand still!" doesn't work.

Addendum: When calling new rules, the game can stop or slow down, so this new twist has been added.

CalvinTag singing rule
- if a new rule is not made immediately upon tagging, then the person who has to make the rule must sing the "I Love CalvinTag" song until they can make up a new rule. Everyone else has to dance during the song.

- The "I Love CalvinTag" song has no words except those four. The singer makes up the words as they go along.