Introduction: Camp Bacon

This is my dad camping, he is sitting by the egg fire and his bacon tent.

Step 1: Making the Tent

First step is making the tent to do that you get 5 tooth picks and 2 olives you stick the 2 olives on the opposite sides of a  tooth pick 
then you stick 2 tooth picks into 1 olive then the other side after that you drape 3 slices of bacon over the frame

Step 2:

For the second step you make a sunshine up egg for the camp fire then stick 4 tooth picks in it to look like  fire wood , but make sure you don't poke the yolk because it will spill out!

Step 3:

For the third step you will be starting the man, you get a tooth pick and stick an olive down it this will be the rock he's sitting on and his back.

Step 4:

stick a piece of bacon onto the back then bend it around to look like legs 

Step 5:

add an olive on top of the legs for the belly

Step 6:

Now add a piece of bacon for the arms and one olive for the head and your done. You now have camp bacon for  the family to enjoy.

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