Canbot (A Robot That Can)

Introduction: Canbot (A Robot That Can)

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Hi friends.....

This is my second Instructables.

It's name is Canbot ( A robot that can)

The purpose of making this robot is

I want to make a robot that an go anywhere.

This robot can sence colour,obstacle,deepness etc.

Step 1: Collecting Material

1:I buy a line controlled J.C.B at $ 4.40.

2:You also need a web camera .

3:Some gareboxs 100 rpm.

4:RX and TX module for wireless control.

5:Wheels for more grip.

6: Arduino zero pro.

7:Other tools like super glue, cutter,solder etc.

Step 2: Making the Base

when you buy the J.C.B it"wheels are not enough for grip

So you need to replace it's wheels.

Step 3: Deconstruction

be careful with it

maybe any wire cut by mistake

Step 4: Pictures

Step 5: Enjoy the Video

Step 6: Finnish

If you like it please vote.

And please if you have any new idea get me on

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    6 years ago

    Seems like a very cool build, but it is kind of difficult to follow exactly what you are doing. Perhaps you can add a bit more detail, and suplement the video with written instructions? I personaly have found that Instructables that have both video instructions and written instructions are easier to follow.

    But thats just my opinion, and its your instructable.

    I cant wait to build something like this!