Introduction: Candlestick Angel

About: Templates design in Laser and CNC router sphere

Free plan for use on a laser machine.

The plan is adapted for 3mm (1/8 inch) plywood.

Step 1: Creating a Template

Usually for simple projects we use 2D editors like Corel Draw. This is sufficient for models including 3 - 20 pieces that will be connected after cutting. To test connections, you can use the simplest 3D editor - Sketchup. It does not take much time, but you will be sure that the cut parts will be assembled correctly.

So we have drawn a layout and are ready to send this file to a laser machine. A couple of minutes all pieces are ready.

Step 2: Assembly

It remains only to assemble all the parts and glue all the grooves. The whole model consists of three parts, so I will not go into details and make instructions.

More plans here: