Introduction: Candy Lei

Candy Leis are a perfect addition to any party or celebration. Used as favors or gifts, candy leis share the spirit of "Aloha" from the giver to the receiver. This can be customized and personalized with different candies and colors. Your imagination is all you need.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To make this simple and festive candy lei you will need the following:

  • Cellophane or saran wrap roll
  • Scissors
  • Variety of different individually packaged candy
  • ribbon or twine

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure out the Saran Wrap to stretched out arms length and cut.

Three feet is a good length for a child's neck. 4 feet is comfortable for a teen or adult. Cut vertically along side the roll.

Cut horizontally again so that the piece of Saran Wrap is enough for two leis. This is not necessary but conserves on Saran Wrap.

Step 3: Pick the Candy Pattern

Decide on the pattern or colors/candies you want in your lei.

Place the candies along the bottom edge of the Saran Wrap in the order you want.

Leave a two inch gap between the candies.

Step 4: Roll and Repeat

Starting on the left edge with the first candy, gently tuck and roll it into the Saran Wrap, moving upwards. Do two rolls and straighten and tighten as you go. Move down the row of candy, slowly tucking and rolling each candy. Make sure to watch the previous candies and adjust when necessary. Continue down the row of candy.

Step 5: Ribbon Time

Take ribbon and cut into four inch strips. Place the ribbon in the gaps of the candy and tie into a double knot. Secure and tuck Saran Wrap as you tie, make sure to secure the candy in place.

When you get to the end of the lei overlap the two ends and tie a ribbon to secure them together. Snip off the extra Saran Wrap to give the lei a more continuous look.

Step 6: Finish

With your scissors, curl the ribbon ends by running the scissor blade across each ribbon. Once this is done your lei is complete!

Step 7: Video Instructions

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