Introduction: Candy Lover-- the Grim Reaper

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Now welcome our protagonist of this article, candy lover-- the Grim Reaper!

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Step 1: Part List

List: (all materials are from Makeblock)

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· ·1 xBeam0824-032-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xBeam0824-048-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xBeam0824-064-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xBeam0824-080-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xBeam0824-160-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xBeam0824-192-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xBeam0824-336-Blue(Pair)

· ·1 xBeam0808-184-Blue (4-Pack)

· ·1 xPlate 3*6-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·1 xPlate 0324-088-Blue(Pair)

· ·7 xPlate 45°-Blue (Pair)

· ·1 xBracket 3*6-Blue(4-Pack)

· ·2 xDC Motor-37 Bracket-Blue(Pair)

· ·1 xBracket P1-Blue (Pair)

· ·5 xGear 80T

· ·1 xPlastic Gear 8T(4-Pack)

· ·1 xD Shaft 4*128mm

· ·2 xShaft Connector 4mm V1.0(Pair)

· ·2 xShaft Collar 4mm(10-Pack)

· ·1 xSocket Cap Screw M4*8-Botton Head (50-Pack)

· ·1 xSocket Cap Screw M4*14-Button Head (50-Pack)

· ·1 xSocket Cap Screw M4*30-Button Head (25-Pack)

· ·1 xPlastic Spacer4*7*2(100-Pack)

· ·1 xM8 Plain Washer (10-Pack)

· ·1 xCountersunk Screw M3 x 8(10 in Pack)

· ·2 xTrack With Track Axle(40-Pack)

· ·1 xPlain Ball Bearing 4*8*3mm(10-Pack)

· ·1 xMe Auriga

· ·1 xMe Dual Motor Driver V1

· ·2 xMe RJ25 Adapter V2

· ·1 xMe RGB LED V1

· ·2 xDC Motor-25 6V/86RPM

· ·1 xDC Motor-25 6V/185RPM

· ·4 xMEDS15 Servo Motor

· ·3 xMEDS15 Servo Motor Bracket-Blue(Pair)

Step 2:

So, how to make a cool Grim Reaper?

Let me give you some instructions, I bet you have already found this.

The Grim Reaper=Vision part + Gripper arm + Holding car

Step 3: Vision Part=camera + 2 DOF Cradle Head + Holding Shelf

We chose a third-party camera as eye of the Grim Reaper so that we can monitor the surroundings on the mobile App. You can also use other products of similar function.

Step 4: Construction of 2 DOF Cradle Head.

1.Firstly, prepare two sever-holders, fix the vertically.

2.Pay attention to the setting direction, or they could be moving opposite to your operation.

3.Support part & Haircut

Step 5: Support Part & Haircut

1.Stick the camera to the 2 DOF cradle head.

2.Fix the on the double-hole-beam.

3.Make hairs

Step 6: Gripper Arm=Link Mechanism+2 Grippers

1.Here we are going to fix a big gear on the arm of the Grim Reaper to do the put up action, then drive his double hands with two servers.

2.Make sure to follow the steps, first make the basic layer then the second and at last hands holder. The following picture is the detailed steps of the basic layer.

Step 7: Gripper Arm=Link Mechanism+2 Grippers

1.Prepare two support parts for latter using.

2.Prepare two middle parts for latter using.

3.As there are a lot little parts on the shaft, please be patient.

4.Then assemble them as the picture showing.

Step 8: The Next Are Second Layer and the Hands Holder.

1.Prepare the shaft and shafting parts of the second layer.

2.Link the second middle part and the terminal of the support part together with the shaft, as show in the picture.

3.Make sure the left side of the shaft cannot be too long in case it may bump the big gear.

4.Link the other side holder and the two middle parts with shafts as show in the picture.

Step 9: Then, Two Sever Claw. Notice the Direction of Two Severs Here, or They May Work Weirdly or Even Destroy the Servers. the Directions Refer to the Next Picture.

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Step 10: Holding Car

It’s not so difficult to construct the holding car. Matching driving and driven wheels of both sides and adding drive motor of the Gripper arm are major works.

1.There are also lots of shafting parts when making driven wheels, so be careful.

2.The construction of driving wheel is just a course of fixing gear on the shaft.

3.Next add driving severs of the gripper arm.

4.The last step next to finish is adding continuous track! It needs to be connected section by section.

Step 11: Assemble of Body Parts &Connect of Electronic Parts

1.Assemble the above three main parts.

2.It’s better to arrange the electronic parts in advance, in case you may find no suitable room for them.

3.By the way, Xiaoyi camera needs an extra battery bank to power it, find one at hand and fix it to the neck of the Grim Reaper.

Step 12: Cloak of the Grim Reaper

Follow the steps outlined below:

1.Find one 800mm*400mm cloth (slight but hard enough)

2.Find its axle wire

3.Fold it in half though the axle wire

4.Sew up the bottom side.

5.Fold a little bit of the side opposite to the sewed one.

6.Make some cuts around neck area.

7.Cross the belt through those cuts.

8.Tie the belt and fix the area below the knot with a needle and thread

Now, the cloak of the Grim Reaper is finished~

Step 13: Put It On.

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Step 14: The Grim Reaper Is Born.

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