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Lets face it, not everybody likes fish, and even more people don't like sushi!  If you do like sushi, then this delicious snack can just be a reminder of the food you like, but for those who don't like sushi, this is the perfect way for you to say that you have eaten sushi!

So the idea for candy sushi came when we were having a themed dinner last week on vacation.  Each family had to bring international food and my aunt wanted to bring sushi.  She soon realized that none of the kids would want real sushi, so she decided to make candy sushi that looks like real sushi, but tastes like what all kids love, candy!

You will need

- Rice Krispie Treats
- Swedish Fish (the candy!)
- Fruit snacks or twizzlers
- Fruit roll-ups
- Marshmallows
- Chopsticks
- Cookie Cutter

For this snack, you must use the cookie cutters to cut the krispie treats into a circle.  Then wrap the sides of it with fruit roll-up candy.  Next, cut the twizzler into small pieces and sprinkle the pieces on top of the cereal treat.  For a different type of sushi, place one swedish fish on top of the marshmallow and wrap the whole treat with fruit roll-up.  Look in the pictures for all the different types of sushi you can make!

I was inspired to make this because...

- We needed an international snack for our themed dinner.
- Kids typically don't like real sushi
- I love rice krispie treats!

You should make this because....

- It is quick and simple.
- It requires little time to make
- It is delicious!

I hope you enjoy your Candy Sushi! 

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