Introduction: Candy Transportation Miniatures

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Making candy airplanes is an activity I did every holiday with my grandmother.

I've gathered the steps to this sweet vintage activity and I created a few vehicles to go along with it.

With an Ultra Low-Temp glue gun, this craft is fun and easy for everyone.


For the airplanes you'll need

  1. Smarties or Sweet Tart candy
  2. Lifesaver candy
  3. sticks of gum
  4. rubber bands

For the other vehicles you'll need a mix of candies and an Ultra Low-Temp glue gun like the Adtech Cool Tool from Amazon

Step 1: Candy Airplane

This is SO fun for children and easy enough to make a full squadron!

  1. Thread the rubber band through 2 Lifesaver candies
  2. Stack 3-4 sticks of gum together
  3. Push the gum stack through the open ends of the rubber band
  4. Push the roll of Smarties through the rubber band between the Lifesaver wheels

You've made an airplane!

Step 2: Add Glitter

The climate where I live is a bit humid and open candies get sticky FAST. I have a solution.....coat the sticky candy in fine glue, just glitter. The glitter coats the candy and stays put! But, it must be a very fine glitter. This also removes the sticky feeling of the candy. And, of course, makes it all more magical!

Step 3: Glue, Glitter, Repeat

The ultra low-temp glue adheres well to wrapped candy and unwrapped hard candy. The melted glue doesn't burn at all! BUT, the metal tip of the gun itself is uncomfortably warm. Glue the wrapped chocolate bars together to create the base for the train and train cars. Glue on a tube of Lifesavers for the engine and peppermints for all the wheels. Continue with gluing on a Crunch candy smoke stack and Rollo windows with a chocolate bar roof. Hershey Kisses makes mounds of coal and broken peppermint sticks for wood logs. Passenger cars could be made with Rollos for windows and a mini candy bar roof.

Step 4: Make More Things That GO

Peppermint sticks can be used for larger airplanes with a Lifesaver propeller. Mini candy canes make adorable snow sleds delivering puff peppermint packages. Kit Kats or Twix make funny little race cars.

Step 5: Take It Even Further

One teenaged member of my family thought this was such a carefree and silly activity that she built a space ship....THEN, the International Space Station! The ultra low-temp glue gun made her feel very comfortable creating this complex structure.

Step 6: Sneaking Treats

I recommend not eating your completed models.

But, we snacked on PLENTY of candy during our craft session!

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