Introduction: Cane Seat Repair

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Someone tried to use my chair as a step stool.

Step 1: Removing the Old Cane

Before removing the seat inspect it to make sure its pre woven. The prewoven will have a trough that the seat and spline sits in. In a caned seat you will see holes where the cane passes through. If it caned with holes you will probably need someone experienced to do it. The hardest part is that you have to pry up the old cane and spline. It has to be very clean to fit the new cane and spline,once I remove the first layer I used a animal syringe to wet the seat trough where the material will fit. After sitting for about 30 minutes to an hour it helped loosen up more material.

Step 2: Ordering Material and Positioning It in Place

Your kit will come with materials spline and wedge. You will need to measure the hole sizes to order a matching pattern. You will need to order about 2 inches more on each side than the actual seat. Before starting you will need to soak the material in water for about 30 minute ( cane and spline ).When setting it in the seat make sure you line it up even. Count the hole from your top middle wedge to each side and make sure they match . You will need to do the sides the same way. Then using the wedges you will need to fit the cane into the trough.

Step 3: Gluing and Adding Spline

You will need to lay a bead of glue in the trough then lay the spline. Starting in the back middle lay the small end into the trough and use a wood block to tap it into the trough,once you reach the starting point clip the end of the spline they lay it in end to end. You can add a few small brad nails to hold until the glue sets. Using the top of the spline trim excess cane webbing with a utility knife. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before trying it out.

Step 4: Finish Product

I restained and added more clear coat to the chair and seat before putting it back together. You can soak the cane in tea or coffee if you want to get the color matching closer.

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