Introduction: Capillary Action Bean Sprouter

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Capillary Action Bean Sprouter


Build this power free automatic bean sprouting machine using caterpillary action to suck water down to the sprouting tank.

Waste water collected at the bottom tank. You can harvest in 3 days.


底部水箱收集废水。 你可以在3天内收成。

Please refer to the demonstration in this link:

With a piece of thred and the capillary action, water drips down at the constant speed of 1 drop every 5 seconds to last for 3 days without attention.


Step 1: ​How to Make It 如何制作它

1. Insert a drinking straw to the hole at the bottom of the water tank. 将吸管插入水箱底部的孔中

Make the bottom water tight using the hot glue gun. 使用热胶枪将底部水密封

2. Drill two 2mm holes at the bottom of the sprouting tank to drain the exhuast water. 在发芽罐底部钻两个2mm的孔,排出废水。

3. Optional : cut out a piece of sift and place one at the bottom to help the beans to grow vertically. Put a second piece of sift on top to help spliting the water evenly across the beans 可选:在底部放一块筛子,以帮助对齐豆根,使其垂直生长。 在顶部放第二块筛子,以帮助将水滴均匀地分布在豆子上

4. Put green beans into the sprouting tank 放绿豆 入发芽缸

5. Stack it up from top to bottom: 从上到下放置: Water tank 水缸 Sprouting tank 发芽缸 Exhaust tank 废水缸

6. Insert a cotton thread into the drinking straw 将棉线插入吸管

7. Extend half an inch beyond the bottom of the water tank. 将棉线的另一端伸出水箱底部半寸。

8.Fill the water tank with water. Wet the sprouting tank with some water as wel lby pouring into the drinking straw. 把水箱注滿水。注一奌水进吸管 以润湿发芽罐.

9. Check the dripping speed 检查滴水速度 If it's too fast get a thinner thread so the speed is one drop every 5 sec 如果滴水速度过快,请更换一根较细的绵线 令滴水速度为每5秒一滴

10. Use a black cover to block the light. Otherwise the beans will taste bitter. Come back in 3 days to harvest. 用黑布覆盖设置以阻挡光线。 否则豆会变苦。3天后回来收割。