Introduction: Cappy From Super Mario Odyssey

I hope you have fun with this Super Mario Odyssey inspired project.


You will need a hat, some cardboard, safety-pin, a glue stick, scissors, and the word document with eyes. You could also find your own eyes from the internet. or draw your own eyes.


Step 1:

  • print out the word document.
  • cut between the two sets of eyes.

There are many ways to attach the eyes to your hat. I will show you two of them.

Step 2: Methed 1 for Hats With Bands

  1. Cut out the eyes from the paper you printed.
  2. Cut out the exact same shape out of the cardboard.
  3. Cut out a little flap at the bottom of the cardboard eye shape.
  4. Glue the cardboard to the eyes leaving the flap with no glue.
  5. Slip the flap over the band of your hat.

Step 3: Methed 2 for All Hats

  1. Glue the eyes to a piece of cardboard.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Take a safety pin and poke it through the center of the eyes and poke it

    back though the other side.

  4. Do the same for the hat with the same safety pin. Close the safety pin and you are done.

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