Introduction: Captain America Shield Light

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How to make an awesome night light

Step 1: Materials

Blue, Red, Black Acrylic paints, small paint brushes
LED's (I used a small LED flashlight from a dollar store and just separated the top using wires)
Nightlight in a round shape like in the picture (Newer ones come with LEDs but mine was older)

Step 2: Draw Your Design

Take apart your light and just get to the plastic center, I sanded mine because it was gross and sanding also helps the paint stick better. As you can see my circles were drawn with spaces in between them, I actually had those spaces where the circles were too and connected them into a circle. The lines were just measurements and place markers. My star was free handed and looks like it comes out of the circle but those little lines were also place markers.  

If youre not good at this just print out a picture of the shield and cut the pieces individually and draw their outlines

Step 3: Paint It!

I left the white part blank and painted the shield. I also painted the cover of the whole thing black. This may take several coats and a steady hand. 

Step 4: Reassemble and Light It Up

I put mine back together and replaced the nonworking bulb with my mini-flashlight head, it had the same voltage as the regular light so all i had to do was connect the wires together. And now I have a cool light for my garage home theater. Hope you enjoy this project!

I wanna see all of yours! Post pictures if you decide to try this and do cool things! I wanna do more of the batman, superman, etc symbols. 

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