Capture in Time : Laser Photography.




Introduction: Capture in Time : Laser Photography.

Hi All, This i had figure out myself about the amazing way to take dark images with various laser art as you wish. Maybe most of you know this , but i just feel like sharing it so please let me know if anyone else have any other cool tricks with it.

Step 1: Things You Need !

You need
1) Camera where you can keep the shutter open for longer time. I have DSLR Cannon 50D and Wide lense by Tammaron(Lense are User specific). 
2) Lazer Light (Any color can work i have Green)
3) Background where you want to project the laser image (User Specific and individual Idea & Planning). I used My Room Interior with city view in background through window.
4) MOST IMP Tripod
5) DARKNESS for few specific imaging ( again user specific Sky is the limit, Bright laser work well in bright room too)

Step 2: What to Do & How to Do.

You need to install the Camera Set on tripod and Set it on TV mode.
On TV mode in Cannon you can set timer for the shutter to remain Open. 
Set the Camera on TV mode and focus the wall in-front where you would like to project the laser art. Place some object close to wall and set the lens on Manual focus and adjust it until the object is clearly focused.
Once you had set the focus on Wall /object where you would cast the laser art then switch off the light and then go to Menu of the camera and set the Shutter timer to 32sec (user specific) for longer and creative laser art.
After you set the Shutter timer also adjust the Brightness in range of -2....0...+2 to get best effect.
Also set the Timer for photo click to 2 sec or 10 sec (So you can prepare yourself before the shutter open).
Then Get Set GO....

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    I love the pic of the room, this technique is really cool! do you do this in a completely dark room?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yup ! But first u need manual focus with lights on. Then off the lights ( complete darkness) and wriggle around with laser. The effect would be same as my pic. For more cool efect u can use red laser with green too. Enjoy!