Introduction: Car Back-up Camera Sun Shade

I find the back-up camera in my car very useful, except when the sun's glare wipes out the image. This seems to happen all too often when I am ready to back out of my driveway. I decided a sunshade was in order and I made it at the Techshop, San Jose,CA,

Step 1: Draw the Shade

After taking some measurements of my car's display screen and surround, I determined that I could utilize the single CD slot above the display to anchor my shade. I sketched the shade in Corel Draw.

Step 2: Cut the Shade.

I used the laser at the Techshop to cut the shade from "dollar store" cardstock. A couple of fit checks in the car led to a few drawing changes and the final shape. I cut the shade I use from black cardstock to reduce reflections. Works great!

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