Introduction: Plate Holder for the Wall

This Instructable will show how I make Plate Holders for my turned wood bowls at the Techshop,

Step 1: Make a Paper Model

I start by creating a drawing and from this, I cut card-stock paper prototypes on the laser. I use "dollar store" sheets that run two for a buck. They cut cleanly and will hold a fold, so that I can use them to check the fit and bend angles before I cut plexi. I use dashed lines that I raster "print" to indicate bend lines. Un-fortunately, these lines didn't show in the photos.

Step 2: Cut the Plexi.

I always take test cuts prior to the actual cut, that's the circles in the upper left. With the amount of usage the lasers get at the Techshop, I only use the cutting guides as a starting point. Also, whenever practical, I cut with the protective plastic left on, to help prevent smudge marks.

Step 3: Hot Bend the Plate Holder.

The same raster bend lines are engraved on the plexi. part as on the paper model and they didn't show any better in these photos, but they are there. Using the paper model as a reference, I heat bend the plate holder, starting with the leg tips (feet?). Then I make the knee bends.

Here again, I find it prudent to make test bends first.

Step 4: Check the Fit

I check the fit before I shut off the hot bender. It will work to reheat and re-bend plexi., within limits. But it's better if you don't have to.

At this point I can take my plate and plate holder home and hang them on a wall with just a small finishing nail. or even a sewing needle.

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