Introduction: Car Tyre Coffee Table

In this Instructable, I will show you how i made this coffee table out of a used tyre and wood boards. Completion time for this project is about 4 days and needs intermediate level experience with power tools. A good addition to any home.

Step 1: Material and Tools

Some of these tools are not necessary and you can substitute any tool to your availability and requirements.

1. Jig Saw.

2. Router.

3. Router jig for cutting circles.

4. Sander.

5. Measurement tools etc.

You can choose materials of your choice but these are some of the materials I used.

1. A used car Tyre.(duh)

2. Any type of wood.

3. Plywood or mdf.

4. Furniture wheels.

5. Misc hardware (screws, glue etc)

6. Wood finish of your choice.

Step 2: Making the Top

First I measured the inside diameter of the tyre which was approx 18 inches. This measurement will vary with different tyres. Note that I included the lip that surrounds the hole as the wooden board will sit inside this space.

Now I didn't have a single board wide enough for the hole so i glued three boards and made a single wider board. Once glued, i left it for a day for the glue to cure.

Once dry, sanding both surfaces will make the routing work more easy.

Step 3: Cutting the Top

To cut the board a perfect circle, i first marked an 18 inch diameter circle and cut it as close to the mark with a jig saw. Then followed it with the router with a straight bit and the circle cutting jig which i made before starting this project. If you don't have a router or the jig, then sanding the wood to the mark will also do.

I also cut a 45 degree bevel on the side of the board. This will make the board fall inside the space more easily.

Step 4: Making the Base

For the base, i used mdf since you will probably never see it. Cutting mdf is alot easier than wood since you don't have to care about the grain direction. I used the router with the circle jig to cut a perfect circle and beveled the edge same as the top.

Step 5: Prepping the Tyre

Cleaning the tyre with detergent and brush thoroughly. Dont forget to clean the inside as well.

Step 6: Assembly

To attach the base to the tyre, i used four 1.5 inch screws on the sides. The screws poked out inside the tyre which i then sanded flush. Three wheels were attached with the base and the assembly was complete.

Step 7: Sanding and Finishing

Like any woodworking project, this was the most tedious step. Sanded the top face of the board with 110, 220 and finally with 320 grit sandpaper. Stopped when i was happy with the finish.

Used a wax polish for finish and it was finally complete.

Step 8: Recommendations

Looking back at the finished product, i was completely happy with how it came out but i would recommend some steps to anyone who wishes to make this table.

1. Look for a wider tyre (off-road tyres) so the table is a bit higher than the ground. Mine was 10.5 inches off the ground which i think is low. You can also fix this issue by attaching longer legs to the base.

2. Coat the wood with polyurethane based finish for a more durable finish, I only had wax polish at the time.

3. Either paint the tyre black or clear coat because the tyre left black marks on everything even after a thorough wash.

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