Introduction: Car Visor Magnet Holder

I don't like key rings all that much because I either don't have work keys on me (weekend) or they are already in the ignition on my car. I have 1 key that opens my mailbox at my apartment complex so I decided to have it always handy in my car. I also have a swipe badge at work that I need every day but have on more than one occasion forgotten at home. I have made it quick and easily available using magnets and the sun visor of my vehicle.

We will use a few small neodymium magents



-strong tape

-existing key and or badge

-electrical tape/sharpie for marking poles - optional

Step 1: Finding a Position

First I used my electrical tape to the mark the sides of the magnets that were attracting each other so when it came to final installation I wouldn't have a mistake. You could also use a sharpie to "x" each side of the magnet.

Then place the magnet on the end of the key and make a single wrapping of electrical tape to secure it,.

Head out to your vehicle and tape down your other magnet to the top or hidden side of the visor and then flip the visor back up. The magnets should be powerful enough to keep the key in place even while ripping around on badly managed roads and tight turns. Your results may vary though based on thickness and material of your visor.

I also had the option of mounting in a second place. My visor has a strip of material in the middle section that allowed for a nearly magnet on magnet connection which means that my key will be going no where.

Use this time to finalize your decision on where you want placement.

Step 2: Gluing the Magnet Down

Using a mild to strong glue/epoxy, meant for metal to metal bonding, glue down the magnet to the key. Make sure to have the attracting side up.

Using the other magnet, cut yourself a square/strip of the clear plastic packing tape or duct tape and place the magnet in the center of the sticky portion with attracting face up.

Go back out to the car and place your components in the same location.

Step 3: Swipe Card

I have a swipe card as well. For this one I decided to utilize the mounting location provided by that little strip of material on my visor. This allowed me to use smaller magnets.

Same principal works here. One magnet under the strip (mine is a tight strip so I did not use tape) and one magnet affixed the card.

Boom instant storage.

Step 4: Extras

At some point here I think I will even branch out and add more things to the visor like a pen, thumb drive, and maybe my cell phone.

You can really add whatever you want to your visor. You can even use just two magnet by themselves as a ticket holder for the highway or an airport. A lot of possibilities. Comment on some of your uses and I will add!