Introduction: Caramel Apple Chocolate Bark

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I just love caramel apples. Especially when they have chocolate on them! I've been playing around making different barks (Rainbow Chocolate Bark and Fruity Chocolate Bark) and decided to combine chocolate bark with caramel apples.

This caramel apple chocolate bark tastes as good as you imagine it would!

Step 1: Supplies

You can change things up the way you want them, but here is what I used.


  • 12oz package Chocolate - I used semi-sweet this time, but I'm still partial to milk chocolate
  • 2 - 2oz blocks White Almond Bark
  • About 2 small apples worth Dried/Dehydrated Apples* - buy or dehydrate your own!
  • About 5.5oz (17 pieces) of Caramel - this is how much I melted, but I used just a little less than this. Try not to do too much as any extra will just harden like crazy to whatever you melted it in - I would suggest you not use caramel sauce as the goal is to have it harden on top of the chocolate.


*You can use the round apple slices or the apple pieces. I decided to use pieces as they were thicker than my slices, and I thought they made it easier to eat as they were already small and you didn't need to bite through the pieces. Slices will probably look fancier, but go with what you want.

You can also use freeze-dried apples if you want. I don't know what difference it makes.

Step 2: Make Your Bark

Time to make the bark.

Start by melting your chocolate and almond bark (or whatever you are going to use).

Spread down your bottom layer of chocolate. Next, drizzle on your almond bark. Mine never drizzles, so if you have to, just spoon it on and spread it out like I did. Put on your apple pieces while the chocolate is still melted. Use more rather than less. I enjoy at least one apple per bite, so I tried to be generous when putting the apples on. Gently press down the apples so they stay in the chocolate.

Lastly, melt your caramel for on top. Drizzle it all over the top the best you can. Avoid clumps of caramel the best you can as it will get very hard and huge chunks will be hard to bite (you can see I have some globs on the right that are too big, don't do that).*

Now, just let it harden! I put mine in the fridge for about half an hour, but you can also just leave it out, but it will take much longer.

*I chose to do my chocolates > apples > caramel, because I wanted the apples to stick to the chocolate and then the caramel to hold on any apple pieces that want to come off. You can do this in a different order if you want.

Step 3: Harden and Break Into Chunks

Once your bark is hardened, you can break it into pieces!

Now, just enjoy.

Step 4: Pretty!