Introduction: Caramel Cone Frappe #HMS2018

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I will be showing you how to make a caramel cone frappe.

The ingredients you will need are,

1. A blender

2. 2 cups of Milk (any kind of milk)
3. Milk Condenser

4. 2 cups of Caramel Cone ice cream

5. A measuring cup

6. 1 cup of ice

7. Ice cream scoop

8. Glass cup

9. Straw


1. Whip cream

2. Caramel/ Strawberry drizzle

Step 1:

Pour 1 cup of milk into the milk condenser. After it finishes condensing, pour into the blender. Do this two times to make two cups of condensed milk.

Step 2:

If you poured the two cups of condensed milk properly, the blender should be this full.

Step 3:

Get the 1 cup of ice and pour into the blender into portions/ cautiously so it doesn't splatter.

Step 4:

OPTIONAL STEP: Pour whip cream into the blender to make it fluffy and creamy.

(Note: I prefer the extra creamy whip cream.)

Step 5:

By this time, the ice cream should've have thawed and melted. Grab your ice cream scoop and scoop one cup of ice cream in your measuring cup. Shake your measuring cup to make the ice cream slip into the blender. Do this 2 times.

Step 6:

Once you have put everything in, close the lid. Hold the lid, and hold the pulse button. Hold the pulse button and the lid for about half a minute. Keep checking the consistency every 10 seconds.

Step 7:

After 30 seconds, the consistency should be a frothy, milkshake frappe. Pour into the cup and enjoy!

Step 8:

I put whip cream on my frappe, to make me look extra. (The red thing is the strawberry sauce.)

There is a picture of me drinking the frappe because it was really good!