Introduction: Caramel Filled Milk and White Chocolate Candies

A step by step guide to making delicious chocolates with a caramel filling and a white chocolate top. Ingredients: White chocolate, Milk chocolate, Caramel chocolate, Nuts (whichever you want) (optional) Utensils: Large pot, Smaller pot, Spoon, Silicone mould for candies, Brush.

Step 1: White Chocolate

For the top of the candies you must melt the white chocolate over medium heat on a hob with a pot of boiling water and another smaller pot on the inside. Place your chocolate into the smaller pot. When melted, spoon mixture into the silicone mould only filling about 1/4 full (fig 1/2). Place mould in the fridge

Step 2: Milk Chocolate

Wash the pot from the white chocolate or use a different pot. With the milk chocolate layer you must melt it in the same way as before but then when you pour it in you must get a pastry brush and brush the chocolate up the sides of the mould. It doesn't matter if the two chocolates mix a little it looks kinda cool that way. Then if you are adding nuts now you drop one in the middle of each segment. Refrigerate again. KEEP ANY LEFTOVER MILK CHOCOLATE!

Step 3: Caramel

Use a different pot for this step! You may be thinking why I didn't just use normal caramel but I used the caramel chocolate bars because they're easier to mould into the segments. So first you put the caramel bar into the small pot and melt it until it is mouldable but be sure it is cool enough to touch. Then press it into the moulds. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Final Layer

Now with the leftover milk chocolate from Step 2 and re-melt it. Pour it over each chocolate in each mould segment to form a seal. Refrigerate for another 10 minutes.

Step 5: The Popping Out

Put the sweets in the freezer for ten minutes and in the fridge overnight. Then press them out of the silicone mould. There may be edges on them so just chip them off. And FINITO! There done! Enjoy

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