Carbon Fiber Gourd for Berimbau




Introduction: Carbon Fiber Gourd for Berimbau

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This is 100% real carbon fiber. It was hand laid on top of a very dry and smooth gourd. Originally I was going to keep the cracked gourd inside, as this was part of a Brazilian instrument called a berimbau. I then decided to break off the inside gourd through the bottom opening and left the carbon alone. This was then sanded and epoxy finished. Sounds different but works well.

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    8 years ago

    Oh man I'm sorry. I haven't been checking this app for months. I don't have any sound files recorded. I can tell you it has a almost "digital sound" to it. Instructions are simple: get a gourd and use a candle to rub on to the gourd. Let it sit for about five minutes or more and reapply 2 to 3 times. Once you purchase the carbon fiber, epoxy and materials for vacuum bagging, laid on top and vacuum out. You can do it even easier just by hand laminating tutor three layers on top. To hand laminate, apply slow epoxy to the gourd, wait about three hours until it is tacky. Apply the carbon fiber to the shape then apply another layer of epoxy. Make sure the layers are thin and redo this process 3 times. Once you have a solid carbon Gourd, Break off the inner part real gourd. Than sand with 220 grit and remove excess epoxy. You can finish with a vehicle clear enamel.

    Do you have any instructions or sound files comparing this to a normal cabaça?