Introduction: Card

Step 1: Materials Needed

- white or creme paper full size
- scissors
- glitter
- pencil & eraser
- any 3 different color papers( can have a pattern on it )
- coloring items
- ruler
- glue stick

Step 2: Folding

Fold your paper any way you would like

Step 3: Start by Schetching Out a Sailboat

You can even add waves bellow your boat

Step 4: Getting Paper Ready

Get your 3 different colors of paper or patterned paper they don't have to match !
Know you will cut them into the shape of the boat there r three different parts of the boat cover them in different paper to make it interesting

Step 5: Glue Time

Now you r ready to glue all the pieces to the paper

Step 6: Writing Inside

You are now ready to right what ever you would like inside


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