Introduction: Card Throwing!!!! the Simple But Effective Way!!!!!

Card Throwing is a fun little skill that can be pretty addictive. The world record for the farthest thrown card is 216 feet 4 inches and this record was set by Rick Smith Jr. from Ohio. This instructable is about a very simple overhand style that can pack a punch make sure that you have a deck of playing card ready!!! Here we Go!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Grip

The grip I use is a very simple grip. Take your index finger and middle finger and clamp the card in-between those two fingers. Now take all of your fingers and fold them so that they leave the left corner(if you are a righty) of the card open and they are right behind that. Get used to this grip and make sure you remember it.

Step 2: The Stance

So you've got the grip covered now you need to learn the stance.
So take your hand with the card in it and bring it up so your elbow is facing back and your arm is at an angle and you hand looks like a snakes head with a card in its mouth. Look at the picture. It helps if your feet are separate and your left(for righties lefties use your right) foot is in front pointing torward
your target and your back foot is facing to the side of you. Picture 2 is the foot stance.

Step 3: Release and Follow Through

Now you've got the stance and the grip now you need something very important..... the release and follow through!!! Now try to throw a couple cards and find the right time to release. The timing is very important. This decides where the card is going to fly. For example if you release to late the card will go straight to the ground. So find the right release time and get used to it and get a feel for it. Once you are comfortable with your release its time for the follow through.
The follow through is one of the most important things in card throwing. Once you have released the card let your arm keep moving and bring you back leg off the ground. Then don't forget to keep your eyes on the target and see if the card hits it. Then after a few seconds relax and feel happy that your learning how to throw cards.

Step 4: Troubleshooting and Help!!!!!

So here are most of the problems that happen in card throwing:
Forget to follow through.
bad quality or bent cards.
Arms tired(happens to me alot)
Not enough practice.

I suggest playing card company's like bicycle and aviator they are good. bicycle jumbo index and rider back are the best and they will fly really far and wont bend as easily against walls at high speeds.
If your arms tired well take a rest and just ice it for a while. And if your not getting your cards to go anywhere besides fluttering a few feet then practice alot and get used to the feeling. It took me three years to learn to throw a playing cards over my house, across a gym, and to draw blood( dont try it trust me.) and to slice into a watermelon and various other fruit. So practice practice and practice and don't get down on yourself. Thanks for reading and comment. This is my first instructable and i am only thirteen. Enjoy!!!!!!!