Introduction: Cardboard Adjustable Laptop Stand

Here's how to make Adjustable Laptop Stand with cardboard!

Step 1: Find a Right Size Box or Make One.

Pizza boxes or any flat boxes that can accommodate the size of your laptop will work.

Step 2: Treating the Top

Prepare lots of glue and cardboards to play with.

Make three strips of cardboard and glue/stack them. This is going to keep the laptop from sliding so make it sturdy.

Find a nice piece of cardboard that matches the size of the cardboard box, and glue it on. Feel free to utilize liberal dose of glue.

And glue the stacked piece at the edge of the box where the "hinge" is. (Not where you open up the box.) If you don't get this right, this isn't going to work unless you are hanging upside down.

Step 3: Inside Mechanism

The master plan is shown above!

You'll be making these parts.

2 Stoppers, 2 supporters, Lift handles and Chord holder.

For Stoppers and Supporters, make sure it's at least two layers thick (stacked)

Chord holder is a little thin piece that sits between so thinner the better but not so thin that it can't hold anything.

Lift handle can be made from the coffee sleeve when you get a coffee. Or just grab one. Who cares.

Step 4: Supporter and Stopper

You might be wondering how long are the supporters and where do these Stoppers go on?

Well, one end is going to be up against the front of the box (where the opening is)

Just measure how high/low you want to go and before the support is so low that it doesn't support the load. Mark that location, and put a stopped on. The above images should be helpful.

You can have two flip up supports in different height if you want more flexibility. Same for Stoppers.

But I'm not doing that.

Step 5: Ready to Use

Glue the support to the side of the box through a piece of paper so it can still rotate but not detach. If you are not feeling it, just leave it detached because it still works. It's just annoying when you knock it out accidentally and your laptop slides off your desk.

You can also use this to read books on it if you are into that... or use it in bed without blocking laptop vents on the side and overheating it. So...... Done!