Introduction: Cardboard Armor, Full Set 1

About: I am a cardboard blacksmith, hard at work making armor and accessories. Skyrim, Sword Art Online, and Lord of the Rings all the way. If there is anything you'd like to see me make, I'd love the challenge!

This Instructable is in reply to a challenge sent to me by Danger_Dolan

The challenge: ...thanks! i also have a challenge for you! my challenge is: make full body armor. legs, feet, arms, breastplate, and face piece! all out of cardboard! i would like to see if you can do that. thanks!

Step 1: Intro

This instructable is split into five parts.






Step 2: Part 1, Head



Old plastic helmet

Brass fasteners


Step 3: Disassembling Your Helm.

My helm started out as a horned helm with gold trim. After taking off the horns and rim, I was left with two holes on either side of the helm which I covered with cardboard circles and tape.

I was also left with four small holes around the rim of the helm, which I used to attach the rest.

Step 4: Bigger Helm

The helm really depends on what size head you have and what you have to use, so I ended up taping three pieces of cardboard together and using brass fasteners to attach them via the holes left from disassembly.

Step 5: Faceplate.

Because I like to hide my face, I Made a simple faceplate by cutting eyeholes, and a small triangle out of the top of the mask. I folded the cardboard inwards until the two resulting flaps met, and tape it into place.

Step 6: Finish

I attached the entire thing to the helm, taped it for color, and came out with a pretty nice helm.

Step 7: Part 2.


Cardboard (A lot of it)



Step 8: Breastplate

Using a single large piece of cardboard.

Create a ridge by folding the piece in half, then back up as shown.

Trim into desired shape, keeping functionality in mind. You will need to be able to move your arms.

Step 9: Backplate

Cut a piece of cardboard around the same size as the breastplate.

Step 10: Attaching the Two

Poke a hole in each corner of each piece.

Run a long string through each hole of the bottoms of the pieces.

At the top corners, tie a string as shoulder straps from the backplate to the front plate.

Step 11: The Pauldrons

Take a sizable piece of cardboard.

I ridged the center like the breastplate. This is optional.

Cut two slits almost to the center as shown. If you cut all the way through, it's not that big a problem, you can just tape the center back together.

Cut a triangle out of the cut as shown, and fold the piece inward until the resulting flaps meet, then tape them in place.

Shape the pauldron as you wish.

Step 12: Attaching the Pauldrons

At the points you attached the shoulder straps, poke a hole next to it. also poke holes in both top corners of both pauldrons, using small pieces of string to attach them as shown.

Step 13: Fixes

First on the backplate, cut a small slit in the top center, and fold inward so the pieces overlap. Tape into place. This helps give shape and make it look less barreled.

Next is on the pauldrons. On the back of each pauldron, poke a hole, and run a string between the two so they stay upright.

Step 14: Finish

Tape for color if desired.

Step 15: Part 3.





Step 16: Starting the Bracer

Get a piece of cardboard about the length of your forearm.

You may ridge the center if you wish.

Trim the elbow end into a point, and trim down the long sides as shown. This is for function.

Step 17: Couter. (Elbow Armor)

This piece is basically made the same was as the Pauldron.

Cut to the center


cut the triangles out,


BTW, cool Helmet idea on pic 3.

For a styled fan plate, Cut one end of the piece into odd shapes.

Step 18: Attaching the Two.

Align the two pieces, and poke two holes through both pieces as shown.

Use string to attach the two as shown.

Step 19: Stringing.

As shown.

Step 20: Finish

Color as desired.

Step 21: Part 4.




(1 pop tab/soup can tab, a shoelace/hoodie string,1 brass fastener) Or a belt.

Step 22: Swing Them Hips!

Get a piece of cardboard that will cover one hip nicely.

Cut it into a shape you like.

say, "Wow that was an easy step."

Step 23: The Belt.

If you don't have a spare belt, do this.

Put the end of the lace through the hole and brass fasten the together as shown.

Step 24: Attaching the Tassets

Poke two holes in the corners of the top of each tasset.

Run a piece of string through the hole, and tie the end onto the belt.

Step 25: How to Tie the Belt.

For this style belt, it is very easy to tie.

Run the end through the hole, and tie the string in a knot around itself.

Step 26: Finish

Color as desired.

Step 27: Part 5.





Step 28: Wow.

This part is basically the exact same as the gauntlet, except slightly bigger.

Step 29: "Innocent Whistling"


Cut poleyn (Knee couter) to center,



poke holes,

Attach with string.

Step 30: Next

There are, though, some differences.

First, cut a short slit blow the knee as show.

Second, you will need to cut a triangle from the bottom of the greave for your foot.

Cut the poleyn into a desirable shape.

Poke four holes, one in each side, and string as shown.

Step 31: Finish

Color as desired.

Step 32: I Found This Funny.




This took a few days, but it was worth it!

Thank you Danger_Dolan for the request!

Sincerely yours,