Introduction: How to Duct Tape Your Dragon

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Make your own lovable fire breathing familiar!

Step 1: Materials.

Duct tape-Multiple colors

Wire. Such as a wire hanger.

1 Plastic Rat Skeleton purchasable at Dollar General

1 Plastic Bird Skeleton purchasable at Dollar General

Knowledge of the Dark Arts and Necromancy

Mage Robes


Step 2: Mary Shelly Would Be Proud.

To begin, remove the head and wings of the bird. These should simply pop off.

The legs will require a small phillips head screwdriver.

You will need the torso piece.

From the rat, you will need the head.

To remove the head, you will need a small screwdriver, or knife.

There is a groove that connects the top of the head to a base that connects to the neck. Use the knife to gently pry these pieces apart. Do not cut them.

You should end up with picture 5

Use a pair of pliers to pinch the prongs of the neck joint together, then you should be able to pop the head off.

Put the head pieces back together, and put the rat's head on the bird's body.

Step 3: Wings and Things

Bend the wire into the shape shown. This is a wing, and you will naturally need two of them.

To attach the wing, Push the end through the shoulder socket, and out the rib as shown.

Bend the wire to meet as shown.

Step 4: Other Side of the Coin

We have head, wings, and now we need a Tail.

Use a long piece of wire for this piece.

Push the end through the screw hole from removing the legs, and bend it around the spine.

Bend the wire back as shown in pic 3

I recommend you keep the tail straight until further notice.

Step 5: Fleshing Your Creature

I'm using red duct tape for this step.

Simply follow the pictures, and you should be fine.

Step 6: Taping the Wings

Decide on a primary color for your Dragon. I chose black because it's awesome.

You feel free to choose whatever color you can find.

Alternating colors is fun.

Step 7: Dragon Scales

Use your primary color for this step. You may choose to use a secondary color for the ventral Scales. (Belly scales)

The goal is to cover all of the flesh. (Red tape)

Step 8: Finish!

Bend the tail under the dragon until it can stand on it's own.

Make it your own!

Sincerely yours,