Introduction: Cardboard Desk Fan That Looks Like a Plane

I was trying out circuits at home for my science project and I thought of making a fan. When I found out that my old motors still worked so well, I thought of making a Cardboard Desk fan that looks like a plane. ( Warning )This Desk fan will make the batteries run out of charge easily.


Making this plane is pretty simple. All you need is a big propeller ( I had a small one so i stuck wood on the end to make it bigger ) . You also need cardboard, batteries, a battery holder, a motor and wire. The tools you need are:

A solder, a hot glue gun and a cutting tool.

Step 1: The Main Part

This is the main part of the plane that you will paint later. The long line of cardboard is to put the batteries on. Make sure your cardboard is strong.

Step 2: The Battery Holder

When you put the batteries on, make sure you put them on carefully so that the plane is balanced.

Step 3: Attaching the Batteries to the Main Body

Like I said from before, remember to stick the battery holder on well so the weight is even.

Step 4: Slip the Batteries Into the Battery Holder and Add a Design

Cut out a piece of cardboard if you want and add it at the back so it looks more like a plane. Add the batteries.

Step 5: Add Another Engine at the Top So You Can Get Wind From Both Sides

Use the same batteries and add the new motor.

Step 6: Coloring and Painting

You can color the plane any way you want. I changed the motor at the front because i found a better one. I also removed the wooden pieces on the propeller because they made the propeller go slower. I didn't really want do paint it so i only did part of it.

Step 7: Adding the Stand

You can just add a random thick layered cardboard stand with a bend on the top.