Introduction: Cardboard Kyrie 2

Cade and I were challenged by our Makerspace teachers to create something out of cardboard. Right off the bat Cade and I knew we wanted to make a shoe but we had to decide which shoe to make. Cade suggested the Jordan Space Jam 11s and I asked him if he wanted to do the Nike Kyrie 2s. We talked for a bit and chose the Kyries, it would make it a little easier for us because Cade has a pair of Kyries. We had struggle trying to make it with just cardboard so we decided to use Manilla Folders. The folders made it a lot easier for us to bend and manipulate to make the shoe. Cade and I are very proud of the shoe.

Step 1: Plan

We drew the Kyries we were planning on trying to emulate. Cade used a picture of the Kyrie to draw this.

Step 2: Collect Your Materials

    We collected
  1. A bunch of Manila folders
  2. Our teachers provided us with hot glue guns for us to use on our shoe
  3. Saran Wrap (To wrap the shoe)
  4. Cardboard
  5. Tape

Step 3: The Sole

My partner Cade was nice enough to bring in his Kyrie 2 he had. We wrapped the shoe with Saran Wrap. After cutting into the wrap to get the shoe out we put a cardboard sole on it.

Step 4: Measuring the Shoe

We measured the shoe to try and be more exact with our cuts.

Step 5: Starting the Process

We started cutting Manila folders and putting them on the Saran Wrap. We cut out the biggest which were easiest parts first. Then we started focusing on the smaller pieces.

Step 6: The Logos

We had to draw the Kyrie symbol on the bottom of the shoe which wasn’t that hard. We used the computer to pick the right image size to base our drawing off. We drew the logo on one of the manila folders to make it look better when we put it on.

Step 7: Trying It On

We cut into the Saran Wrap and we tried the shoe on. At first we wanted to be able to wear the shoe but quickly realized that might be hard so we chose just to make a model. But then we really wanted to try it on so we did, the shoe fit nicely and works well.

Step 8: More of the Sole

We put a manila folder on the cardboard sole and attached the Kyrie logo we drew days earlier. (It ripped a little so we had to draw over the little rip)

Step 9: The Laces

We made the laces out of small pieces of cardboard. We cut them out in the shape of the laces on Cade’s shoe and hot glued them onto the shoe.

Step 10: The Strap

When we made the strap we had to attach two manila folders together because one was too short to be the strap on the shoe.

Step 11: (Optional) Paint the Shoe

I was going to paint the shoe but I was afraid of ruining it so I didn't. You can paint the shoe whatever way you want to.

Step 12: Final

You're now finished with your Kyrie 2s.

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