Introduction: Cardboard Projector

I will show you how to make a easy cardboard projector to use with your mobile phone.

Step 1: BOX

You first need to get a box and make a hole it with the shape of the lense you have. You then have to make the inside black by either painting it or cobering it with black paper. This is really important because if not the light won't reflect through the lense properly.

Step 2: Moblie Phone Stand

You have to cut one big and one small piece of cardboard and then fold one side of the big piece and stick the small one at the back of the big piece as shown in the picture.

Step 3: How to Use It ?

To use it you have to put your phone in the stand with a picture upside down showing in your phone, it is really important that you have the brightness of the phone really high and that you are in a really dark room. Also to make the image less pixeled you can adjust the phone stand closer or further away to the lense to see the image better.

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