Introduction: Cardboard Wine Holder

This is an instructable to make a wine holder out of a wine box.

It's especially for red wine bottles; you can store them while they're laying down and it makes it easy to take one and you don't have to buy a special wine holder, you just use the cardbord wine box.

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need:

- a cardboard wine box

- a marker

- a cutter

- a ruler

Step 2: Take the Bottles Out of the Box

Step 3: Fold the Box Completely Flat

Step 4: Drawing the Lines

On the small surface (the side of the box), you draw 2 vertical lines. The lines devide the surface in three equal pieces

Step 5: Do the Same Thing on the Other Side

Step 6: Make Incisions

Make incisions on the lines you just drew. Don't cut al the way through the cardboard! The incisions juist have to help you with folding.

Step 7: Folding

The pieces that made the top and bottom of the box need to be folded to the inside.

With the help of the incisions you made, fold the box as shown on the picture.

Step 8: Ready

Now your wine holder is ready. To use it, you put the bottles on it in a piramid.

The folded parts will make sure the bottles stay in place and the piramid is firm.

Now, you can easily store you bottles away!