Introduction: Cardstock Paper Flowers

I'm going to show you how to make simple flowers out of cardstock. I say simple because although there are a lot of steps, they are very easy to make. I find them very relaxing and do a couple after I get home from work when I can just sit down and plug in my music and get them done. These are paper flowers that I am using for my wedding, which is where the inspiration came from. I hope you like them as much as I do!

So, first, we must gather the supplies. They're pretty easy and you should have most of them except maybe cardstock:

- Cardstock, any colour will do. I use white, lavender, and kraft paper. I use a 35lb weight that I buy in bulk.

- Ruler and pencil, we will be making grids, this is vital!

- A pen, if you have a round pencil, not one that is like an HB#2 or whatever with all the flat sides, you won't need a pen

- Scissors, it won't resemble a flower much if you don't have these!

- Hot glue gun

- *Optional* cutting mat and scalpel, I find this awesome for cutting and makes my life easier, but if you want to just use scissors, I say go for it!

Step 1: The Grid

So, with these flowers you can make them in three sizes. You can make a 1" grid, a 2", and a 3". I use all three because I like the variety. I can get four 1" flowers out of a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, one 2" and then I need three sheets of paper for a 3" flower. In the project I am using I won't need many of the largest flower so it will balance it out.

To make the grid, simply make markings on whatever size you choose. I am choosing to demo a 2" grid as it makes one medium flower. After I made the grid I cut them using my scalpel and cutting mat. You can easily do this step by using scissors, the cuts don't have to be super perfect as you will be trimming these in further steps.

Once you have the grid cut, you should end up with about twenty little squares. The amount of "petals" I use per flower ranges from 18-20, depending on how full I want it. From now on, those little squares will be referred to as petals.

Step 2: Cutting the Petals

Now, this is where it can get tedious, but again, it's still very simple. You're now going to take those little square petals and fold them in half. I find with this cardstock I use that there is a grain, so find which side feels "softer" to fold and then fold that way as it makes the crease nicer.

Next, we get to make the petal shape. So, holding the petal in your left hand with the crease on the left side, you are going to take your scissors and cut up about 2/3 of the way and then start curving to make a petal shape. You're going to do this to every single folded piece of paper. This gives it the shape of petals. We're almost done with preparing the petals, I promise!

Step 3: Shaping the Petals

The next thing we have to do is roll the petals. This will give them a curve that will help make it look more flower like. It doesn't have to be a tight curl, just a general roundness is good. I use a pen on my medium and large flowers and then a smaller knitting needle for my small 1" petals because they are so small they don't fit around a petal well.

This step is pretty easy and self explanatory, but I'll try to put it into words anyway. You're going to lay the pen on one end of the petal with the top (round) part of the petal to the left and the bottom (straight) part to your right. Slowly wrap it around the pen until it's completely wrapped around. Release, then move on to the next petal until you have all petals round. This is the last step for the petals, we are now going to make the flower, yay!

Step 4: Gluing the Petals

Now we are finally at the best part, constructing the flower! This part can be kind of tedious as you are trying to place the petal before the glue dries, but you get the hang of it and it becomes no problem when you've done a few.

To start the flower you need to unroll a petal and put a dab of glue in the bottom corner. Then you roll the petal so that it's about where it was, maybe even a little bit looser, than when it was wrapped around the pen. The next petal you will put a dab of glue in each corner on the bottom of the petal and wrap it around, near the base. The first few petals feel weird when you are gluing them together because some of the paper sticks up and makes it kind of hard to stick to. Once you get past the first 4-5 petals it's easy sailing. And don't worry how it looks, every flower is different and unique!

Keep gluing the petals until you get to the desired fullness. Every flower is different so I encourage you not to try to make them all look the same. Not that these look natural, but it gives more of a "real" effect when they don't look the same.

Tips and tricks:

- I try to glue a petal where there is a gap between to petals, almost like what a rose does, I find it gives more fullness with fewer petals.

- Place the petals near the base so that the center is the tallest when you're done. It again gives it that more "natural" look, it's also easier to keep the petals from going everywhere.

Sorry for my poor picture quality! I was at my desk and the light comes from the side, I moved into the kitchen to take better photos.

Step 5: Final Product!

And then you are finally done! Yay, that wasn't so bad was it? Now you have this awesome flower that everyone will think you slaved over when really it was super simple and didn't take that much time. I have gotten to the point I can cut, curl, and glue a flower in 5 minutes.

In the photo I have the three sizes, brown is 3", purple is 2", and white is 1". They look great together and as a centerpiece. I put a picture of a centerpiece idea on the first step of this tutorial (if you missed it!) so you can go back and take a look if you are interested.

Please ask if you need any clarification! I think I have explained it well, but I may not have. Clear as mud, right? Thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote for me :)

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