Introduction: Carnivorous Plant Halloween Prop

Step 1: Supplies

Planters pot 2 styrofoam balls different sizes A pretty big stick Toilet paper Glue Rocks Hot glue Toothpicks Green and brown spray or acrylic paint Bendable wire

Step 2: The Base

First fill the pot with small rocks and insert the stick into the pot. Then attach the styrofoam balls to two different spots on the sticks after cutting mouth shapes into them.

Step 3: Clay

Put a roll of toilet paper in water for five minutes then take it out. Tear up the paper and mix it with lots of glue.

Step 4: The Plant

Cover the entire stick with clay then let it harden. I didn't cover the styrofoam balls yet because the stick wasn't strong enough.

Step 5: Finishing the Clay on Plant

Make little drooping pieces with the clay and make the base stronger then finish the clay

Step 6: Paint

Wait for clay to harden (about a day) then paint the entire thing green. Then put a light layer of brown paint blotched all over the plant.

Step 7: Details

When the paint dries cut the toothpicks in half and put in two teeth on each side. Then make fake drool with the hot glue.

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