Introduction: Carpooling Alone Hopefully Without Getting Caught

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It always sucks when youre driving to work, and you're stuck on the freeway in traffic. Then, all of a sudden, a Honda Odyssey, packed with people in the HOV lane whizzes right past you, driving slowly and wasting time in your Ford Crown Victoria. You want to go fast. You don't want to be late. The only way to gain more speed and travel faster is the HOV lane, but no one else is in the car! However, you notice a few things: Your Crown Vic has tan leather seats, which somewhat resemble human skin in a way, removable headrests, and armrests that extend from the bottom to the top of the backrest...

Step 1: What Now?

With the skin color leather seats, removable headrests, and armrests that are as tall as the seat back when folded, this brings you to the conclusion that using the seat and a few other materials will make a nice dummy that won't be noticed easily as you whiz by the rest of the traffic stream which include other crown vics with flashing lights on top.

What are those other materials?

A styling head (female mannequin head; caucasian color; with hair, used for hairstyling) and a woman's t-shirt with sleeves that are long enough to at least go over the end of the armrests (folded up). You'll also need a headrest from the junkyard that fits your car.

You obviously don't exactly need a Crown Victoria, just using as an example because there's one in the pic i used AND it has the perfect seats except with only one armrest on each, but your car must have removable headrest and armrests on the passenger seat, and has to be upholstered in light tan or light beige leather because the color is somewhat close to skin. For example, you can take a Chrysler Town and Country and do this to all the captain chairs except the drivers to make it look like a family.

Step 2: Making the Dummy

After obtaining the junkyard headrest, strip it of any upholstery and foam.

then, somehow turn the mannequin into a headrest, using the resulting metal part of the headrest and any necessary tools.

Remove your original headrest and replace it with your new lady-head headrest.

Then, take the woman's t-shirt and slip it over the seat, making any holes for armrests, as you would if you're using it as a seat cover. Then, with armrests folded up, slip the sleeves over the armrests. If you only have one armrest on your seat, take another armrest of identical color and all necessary hardware from the junkyard, install it on the other side where there's no armrest (all cars' front seat backs are identical; cut into the upholstery and foam and find the attachments points for the armrest hardware).

And there you go. Now you can get into the HOV lane and get there faster. But do this at your own risk; many in Washington State have been caught doing this, and when I lived there, I've been pulled over for simply using t-shirts as seat covers on the van I had back then!

(i illustrated the finished product made with a seat identical to one found in my old van)

I came up with this when I was bored, actually.