Introduction: Carrot Cream With Spinach


It's been a few days that i've been exploring soup recipes, and after I've seen the soup contest I've decides do do my first instructable. Hope you all enjoy it.

This is a common soup traditionally made in Portugal, that I took the liberty to add a small touch of myself. I don't usually follow recipes strictly so I'll just tell what I've used this time, if you're reasonable you'll change the quantities or ingredients at your taste.

What will you need:

+/- 200 gr of Spinach
3/4 Potatoes
3/4 Carrots
1 Spoon of corn flour
2/3 Bits of garlic
1 Onion
1 Slash of Black pepper
1 Vegetable flavor bouillon cube (It alredy got salt in it)
10/20 dl of Olive oil

Heat source
Cooking pan
Cooking spoon
Peeler (optional)
Stick mixer

Step 1: Wash and Peel Off All the Vegetables

Make sure everything is well washed and peeled off for a nice clean cooking. Don't forget to cut off the tips of the garlic, onion and carrots.

Step 2: Onion and Garlic Flavouring Stew

This is a critical step in traditional Portuguese cooking, first of all chop the onion and garlic then throw it in the pan with olive oil. Let it cook a bit until the onion get the yellowish color from the olive oil. By then add a slash of black pepper, watch out the quantities of it because it can get spicy.

Step 3: Potatoes and Carrots

Cut the potatoes and carrots so that it cooks faster , the smaller you cut, the faster it cooks. Cut the carrots a little bit smaller than the potatoes , because the carrot takes longer to cook .

Fill the pan with water just slightly over the vegetables level. Cook them at boiling point, it will take about 20 minutes, just keep mixing and tasting for a better notion of the cooking point.

Step 4: Take Care of the Spinach

Take all the leaves from the spinach and throw away the rest. Don't forget to wash them very well!!!

Step 5: Stick Mixing

Use a stick mixer to blend everything at the pot this time. While doing it add the spoon of corn flour , this will increase the creamy aspect of the soup, if you add too much the soup will become solid.

By the advising of a user, I've put in consideration the kind of flour used in this recipe, it was suggested organic cornflour (commonly known in the U.S. as corn starch), you should feel free to try whatever you want as I said in the beginning of this instructable.

Step 6: Add the Spinach

With a nice homogeneous cream, add the spinach and let it cook at a slightly boiling point for about 3/4 minutes . if you boil it too much the spinach leaves will become too much soft and break.

From a later suggestion, I've discovered that the spinach has a inconvenient, the cooking of this vegetable produces oxalic acid into the water, witch can be toxic if taken in large quantities, for the more worried minds, its advised to boil the spinach separately and then drain its water before joining it with the cream.


I hope that you enjoyed this instructable and that you've made a good use out of it.

Good apetite!
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