Introduction: Carved Wood Table Upgrade

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I've had this table for many years and to be honest, it was starting to look kind of boring and off place after some renovations I did in my house. I decided it was time to give it an upgrade and make it look more modern.

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need

Lacquer remover (from Home Depot)


2 Medium size brushes

1 Small brush

Cleaning brush (the one white with yellow)


Cleaning mop (also found at Home Depot)

Sanding sponge

Gray acrylic paint

Patina (i used this one I made)

Step 2: Remove Lacquer

First take the glass off the table and put your gloves on as the lacquer remover is very strong and dangerous.

Use one of your brushes to put the remover all over the wood. Emphasize in the carved areas. Let it act for 5 minutes and remove it with the spatula. Use the brush in the carved zones and clean the rest with a piece of mop.

You may use the sanding block if there's any dent in your table.

Step 3: Paint

Paint all over your table with your brush and the gray paint. I painted two layers because the color of the wood was very dark but it depends in your piece. Let it dry between layers and make sure everything is well covered.

Step 4: Patina

Use another small brush to put the patina in all the surface of your table. Again make sure to cover the carved areas. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Clean Patina

Use a piece of the cleaning mop to clean some of the patina off by making horizontal moves. The idea of the patina is to give us texture and an old look so it's perfectly fine if some of the patina stays in the wood like making wood streaks.

Do this with all the surface of your table to make it look even.

Step 6: Ta-dá!

This made a HUGE difference and now I feel I have a new table in my house! Isn't that amazing?

Hope you can renovate or upgrade many pieces with this technique.

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