Introduction: Carving a Patterned Stone

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This project is actually pretty simple. There are just a few steps but the result is wonderful.


  • stone
  • rotary carving tool
  • bits
  • clear varnish

Step 1: Design

The basic design of the stone is different levels with waves/small steps on them.

Step 2: Carving Basic Shape

For the rough shape I used the disc bit and the big cylindric one. I carved everything one level down except the step I wanted to create. For the overlapping part in the middle I first carved with the ball shaped bits and cleaned all edges with the rod bits.

Step 3: Carving Detail

For the first level I went with a leaf design. With the cylindric bits I made a middle line and created the edges. The following steps are pretty much the same. The last level is a little bit more difficult but with time and small bits it's no problem.

Step 4: Finishing

I used some clear varnish to give the stone a beautiful shine. And it's done. Thanks for reading!

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