Introduction: Cash Box Plan

Shawnee Band Boosters run a concession stand at every home football game. The volunteers raise money to support the Shawnee Marching and concert bands. The funds raised go to purchase instruments, repair instruments and provide support to the band teachers. The concession stand takes a lot of time and effort, but every year the band boosters raise a significant amount of money. This instructable was created to train volunteers using the cash box.

Step 1: The Cash Box Plan

This is the cash box plan.

  1. Two people always handle and count the money in the cash box
  2. Always begin the concession stand with plenty of change. This is called "the bank".
  3. Note how much money is in the box at the beginning of the session so that profit can be calculated.
  4. Count how much money is in the cash box and write it down, after closing the concession stand. The second person also counts the funds to double check for accuracy.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

List of useful supplies

  1. Pencil and paper
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Bank bag
  4. The cash box
  5. A calculator or use a smartphone calculator
  6. Quart ziplock bags
  7. Change for"the bank" (this collected from the band treasurer on the day of the game)

Step 3: Counting the Money

  1. Separate the bills from the coin.
  2. Stack the bills and coins into stacks by denomination.
  3. Organize the bills so they are all facing the same direction.
  4. Write the total dollar amount of all bills.
  5. Stack the coin in stacks of 10 coins per stack to make them easier to count.
  6. Write down the amount of coin as you count the stacks.
  7. Put all coin into a ziplock back. The bank has a coin counter and sorter so no need to roll coin and put into coin wrappers.
  8. Make two copies of receipts for the event. One will be given to the band booster treasurer and the second will go into the bank bag for deposit.

Bundle the bills as follows:

25 x $1 = $25

20 x $5 = $100

25 x $10 = $250

25 x $20 =$500

Step 4: Take the "Bank" to the Bank

After all the funds are counted, place the total collected including the original "bank" into the bank bag.

Place the note with the total amount collected into the bank bag.

For safety purposes, two people take the money to the bank for deposit.

Give the second note of final accounting to the band booster treasurer.

Step 5: Tips to Remember

  1. Always have two people responsible for the cash box.
  2. Double count the cash in the box before the session starts.
  3. Double count the cash box contents at the end of the session.
  4. Keep notes of funds received and money spent.

Thanks for working with us to support the members of the Shawnee High School Band Program!